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Ubble is a service for video identity verification used by banks, car rentals, and the like, in order to prevent fraud. My work at ubble consisted of translating the web app, which users use during verification, from English into German. Since the user experience is so important to ubble, this was an ideal project for me.

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Interesting example

Ubble is a great example of my way of working. When the company asked me to do their localization, I immediately asked for access to their staging environment so I could see the strings from the Crowdin localization tool in context. For a smooth user experience, it's extremely important to know which sentences and words users will see before or after a translated string – in the end, everything has to be consistent and smooth. I went through the web app and verification process step by step and searched for the displayed texts in parallel in Crowdin in order to translate them there. The client was very happy and you can see some screenshots from the finished translation above.

"We had the chance to work with Eva two times already, and at each step she was a tremendous and really professional person to work with. She helped us translate our application into German while ensuring both the tone and the user experience we wanted to convey. She was also a real treasure when it came to recommend other people to work with, and thanks to her we can say our translation efforts were a big success!"
- Simon Vandereecken, Staff Product Designer

Project page template: Texte
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