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Tylko is a Polish technology and furniture company that sells shelves, wardrobes, sideboards, TV stands, and other storage furniture made from sustainably sourced wood. What’s special about Tylko is that you can use the online configurator to fully customize your piece of furniture—right down to the last centimeter. I have been working with Tylko since October 2020 and I am responsible for transcreating marketing materials (newsletters, ad campaigns, taglines, press releases, etc.), as well as localizing landing pages, new product pages, and updating the online configurator.

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Interesting example

Around Christmas time, Tylko created some Pinterest adverts that needed to be translated into German—adverts bursting with puns and cultural references. A real transcreation challenge! As you can see below, the original advert included a play on words with English-language Christmas carols, which are of course less well-known in Germany. Therefore, I found German Christmas carols which started with similar sentences to those in the original advert. Check it out below:

Tylko Great transcreation example.PNG
Project page template: Texte
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