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Eva Le Luel, Brand Marketing Manager Europe

Eva is a valuable contributor who knows exactly what she’s doing, is proactive, and radiates energy. Eva immediately understood the subtleties of our brand, our target group, and our challenges, and quickly became in charge of retaining our tone of voice for the German market. Eva is a pleasure to work with and I strongly recommend her.


Ola Krystosiak, Creative Team Lead

Eva’s the guardian and creator of Tylko’s voice in German. She’s responsible for all possible formats - starting with the website and landing pages, through mailings, press releases as well as big advertising and launching campaigns. I really admire how creative and thoughtful she is - always thinking about the perspective of the German customers and finding the best ways to transcreate the copy needed. Eva often digs deeper to better understand the context and can spot any discrepancies in the copy. I really enjoy working with her - she has never missed any deadline and is very open and straightforward, making the workflow so easy and flawless.


Noémie Adler, Marketing Manager Europe

We’ve been working with Eva to localise our brand voice in Germany. She’s fantastic at responding to briefs, localising copy for the German audience, and understanding our brand tone. She’s fast and efficient, with great attention to detail. I highly recommend Eva for translation and localisation work!


Vlad Shvets, Growth Manager

At Paperform (SaaS company, form-builder software) we worked with Eva on the English-to-German localisation of our main product page. TL;DR — Eva did an amazing job at that! 🙌
What was especially great is Eva's attention to detail. Our English landing page says "no CC required" — Eva brought up the issue that in Germany people aren't really using credit cards, and thus such a statement might be confusing for them 🤔The explanation made perfect sense, and so Eva thoughtfully translated that sentence as "no payment information required", or as it sounds in German "keine Zahlungsinformationen benötigt".
Quality of the translation: 10/10
Communication skills: 10/10
SaaS business acumen: 10/10
Overall: 10/10
Thank you, Eva!

Portfolio: Projets

Alice Carlsson, Project Manager

Eva has done a lot of different types of work for us, including UX, competitor analysis, localization, german copy review, and helped us in more ways than we ever imagined at the start of the project. She is diligent, cares a lot about the quality of her work, and she never missed a deadline. She is also really funny and made us laugh many times :) We had a wonderful time working with Eva, and highly recommend her.

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