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Ector is a French company that offers valet parking services at train stations and airports in Germany, France, Belgium, and Switzerland. Since Ector wanted to establish itself in the DACH region, I was called in to localize the static website, the dynamic booking process, and customer accounts, as well as the app.

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Interesting example

Everyone knows that the Germans value and care for their cars far more than the French do. In order to help German customers overcome their fear of leaving their car in someone else’s hands, it was clear to me that the German website should provide much more detail on how the service works and what happens if the valet driver were to damage the car. There are plans to do this in the future.


It was also interesting to see how the original language of a website can influence the code behind it. Ector, for example, only had one translation key for “retour”, which can mean both “back” and “return journey” in French. Unfortunately, this is not the case in German (see below). I, therefore, recommended splitting this into two keys, which is what we did.

Project page template: Texte
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