Towards the end of 2020, I was working on the Allbirds holiday campaign. I encountered two challenges along the way. Firstly, the US-based company wanted to remain religiously neutral, i.e. celebrating the holidays, rather than Christmas. This is very important in the US since so many people of different cultures live together there. In Germany, it’s not as common to wish “Happy Holidays” as it is in the US, but we decided to say “holidays” in German too in order to include people of other religions and cultures.


The second challenge was that the holidays are often very cultural. The English text, for example, mentioned things like stockings. Originally, I wanted to replace stockings with the German “Nikolausstiefel”, the boots that children put out for Saint Nicholas to fill with gifts in the night, however, due to the decision to have a non-religious campaign, I opted for “extra little presents” instead. Below are a few transcreation examples from the campaign.


Interesting examples

English-German holiday transcreation 1.P
English-German transcreation holiday 2.P
English-German holiday allbirds 3.PNG
holiday email allbirds.jpeg